A neuropsychological evaluation is a specially designed assessment to investigate how a student is processing information with the goal of understanding processing strengths and challenges. It is a comprehensive study of the student/patient and includes as well understanding academic, emotional, social and personal functioning. Through such a study a “blueprint” can be developed that will map out the specific strategies and techniques that can help the student be successful in school and life.

What to Expect:

When an appointment for a neuropsychological evaluation is made with Dr. Lynda’s office, you will receive a packet with a complete medical/developmental history for parents to complete along with some forms to be completed by teachers. The first session is with parents only where we will discuss your child’s concerns, what you have particularly noted as parents and explore your child’s medical, developmental and social history in depth.

The individual work with your child usually involves 6 to 7 hours of direct contact, generally broken down into three sessions. All aspects of functioning are studied including attention, verbal and visual memory, language development, organization skills and executive functions, visual-spatial skills, motoric functioning, reasoning skills, intellectual skills, and the necessary underlying processes needed for appropriate academic development. The study of your child is not complete without a full understanding of your child’s academic profile and emotional and social development, so that a complete picture of your child can be obtained.

After the Evaluation:

When the clinical work is completed Dr. Lynda will write a very comprehensive neuropsychological report that will detail all findings, but more importantly, the specific strategies that need to be put into place to help your child.

Finally, Dr.Lynda will meet with parents again, usually for about 2 hours, so that you will fully understand your child’s strengths and challenges, the findings and the techniques and strategies that are needed. Included in the discussion will be assistance in working with your child’s school to access needed services and exploring the best educational options.

Typically, students find the evaluation to be very enjoyable, fun and interesting. I am often asked by parents about how to approach the subject of the evaluation with their child or adolescent. My advice is to say “What Dr. Lynda does is figure out how students learn best so teachers know how to teach.” This is exactly what we are doing and makes sense to the students.

 Appointments can be scheduled by calling the Fayetteville Office at 770-716-8325.  As Dr. Lynda will want to talk to you directly and she may be in session, you may need to leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.