Dr. Lynda (as she is known to most) lives in Fayetteville, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. She is
retired from her private practice as a neuropsychologist but still maintains great interest in the
field. Currently, she does volunteer work in helping older individuals maintain both strong
mental and physical capabilities, especially those dealing with neurological issues. She enjoys
teaching classes about the brain and what others can do to enhance their memory and other
functions as they age, as well as still helping parents and teachers with the issues they may be
encountering with their children. Dr. Lynda maintains a comprehensive website – drlynda.net –
which offers free information to educators and parents about numerous childhood issues, as
well as dealing with grief. She continues to give speeches regarding profound grief and her
contact information can be found on her website. Dr. Lynda enjoys being with her family, being
a writer, photography, digital art and most especially dogs, notably beagles and basset hounds.