What others are saying about Strategic Learning Coaching and embedding Strategic Learning Coaching in the classroom:

“Very interesting and important information – valuable to teachers and parents as a way to foster/enhance/maximize teaching and learning.”

Susan Owings
Susan Owings, Teacher and Private SLC coach

“This course will not only help me as a coach with individual students, but as a teacher in the classroom. It will help me understand the reasons why my students learn the way they do.”

Beth Pope

“The Strategic Learning Connections course left me feeling empowered to make specific changes in a student’s life.”

Peggy Thomas

“Eye-opening, energizing my teaching – “lightbulbs” and very educational.  I truly feel like I will be a more adaptive teacher to all learning styles and help my students become better, confident students.”  On a scale of 1-5 – I learned information that will improve my own job performance – “If I could give it a “10” I would.”

Susan Johnson
Fifth grade teacher, Westminster Elementary

“It’s all about making those CONNECTIONS…a fascinating and intriguing, ever evolving process which Dr. Lynda so cleverly understands and presents.”

Jeanne Lucey
Third grade teacher, Westminster Elementary

“I loved it! It will help me with delivering information to students and their specific needs.”

Kim Makurat

“My favorite part was getting practical information (strategies) that can actually be used!  This is a course that presents a new and better way to approach classroom teaching.”

Jill Allen
Fifth grade teacher, Westminster Elementary

“Very beneficial and enlightening.  It has already helped me as a tutor and I look forward to being a coach.”

Donald Upton

“Valuable to all educators!  This is how education should work.  What great thinkers we would graduate into the world.”

Nicole Daniel
Learning Specialist, Landmark Christian School

“Excellent content, very valuable, practical strategies.  I believe the verbage explanations were right on for the audience.  I’m very glad I took the course.  Thank you!”

Ivy Carroll
Fourth grade teacher, Westminster Elementary

“Absolutely marvelous!  I learned so much more about what I thought I already understood – makes me realize how much there is to learn and how we can become better educators by understanding how children learn (identifying strengths).  It’s not about pushing content!”

Martha Carroll
Academic Coordinator, Westminster Elementary

“This is an opportunity to learn a more right-brained approach to teaching all students with an emphasis on some “learning disabilities”. But ALL students will benefit from this approach!!!”

Susan McMillan
Instructional Advisor, Westminster Junior High

“Useful, applicable and necessary to be a master teacher! What I learned this week is so valuable and necessary for deepening my teaching.”

Sara Chapman
Fifth grade teacher, Westminster Elementary

“I learned a lot.  There was so much valuable material.  I am looking forward to taking some time to go back over everything on my own.”

Anonymous Westminster Teacher

” A wonderful, valuable course to learn more about how the brain works and specific special needs. A person will learn the strengths and weaknesses of special needs and we can better teach them and coach them to tap into those strengths and operate in daily life. These are lifelong skills for people with and without challenges.”

Anonymous Course Participant

“Stimulating, exciting, thorough, very well thought out,organized and presented.”

Helen Bookman

“A course well designed for the new or veteran teacher.  Everything I learned can benefit all the children I teach.  All children need effective strategies, some just have greater needs”.

Carole Hines
Pre-first teacher, Westminster Elementary

“Eye opening, engaging, interesting, informative, futuristic and life-enhancing!”

Rachel DelaCruz

“This course really connected the dots for me.  It helped me understand why certain lessons or strategies are more helpful to particular students.  As a result, my future planning will be much more prescriptive.  Also, I will employ better strategies to help students think about their own plan of action.”

Diane Dalbo
Fourth grade teacher, Westminster Elementary