After over 30 years of studying and working with students with neurodevelopmental disorders, it was apparent to me that the major need for many of these students is to learn “how to learn”. Research in neurology and neuropsychology has supported this concept and the latest research is clearly showing neurological differences that may keep some students from being able to do this independently. What these students need is a “strategic learning coach” who can provide the explicit framework or structure for learning “how to learn” and help the student build a repetoire of learning strategies that he or she can eventually use on their own – throughout their lives. Students with many types of learning disabilities or differences share this need for external help to build internal resources. However, parents looking for such coaches often can’t find them anywhere. To remedy this situation and to promote the best learning experience for all students, this training course and associated support services has been created to fill this void.

-Lynda Boucugnani-Whitehead, Ph.D.

Some of our Level 1 Course Graduates
Strategic Learning Coaching Training Sessions

Level I Certification as a Strategic Learning Coach, will provide:

  • Extensive training for teaching and reinforcing learning strategies tailored to specific student learning needs
  • Methods and materials, including online subscription access to our information and assistive technologies website

Level II Certification – Strategic Learning Coach

  • Advanced training in neuropsychological understanding of learning disablities and neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Advanced training in development of learning strategies and computer assisted learning

Level III Certification – Strategic Learning Coach – By Invitation Only

  • Advanced training; Training to be a trainer of educational professionals


diploma_md_clrParticipants will also be provided with 1 PLU continuing education credits (for public education employees) or 10 hours of continuing education for other professionals. Download the form available on this website. Upon successful completion of course requirements, participants will earn certification as a Strategic Learning Coach – Level I. The demand for strategic learning coaches is very high, however, there are very few coaches available. Those completing this training will become the data base from which those seeking connections to trained strategic learning coaches will be made.

Strategic Learning Coaching Course Description – Level 1

  • Understanding the neurological and neuropsychological underpinnings of:
    • ADHD
    • Non-verbal Learning Disability
    • Asperger’s Syndrome
    • Dyslexia and Dyscalculia¬†(Reading,¬†Language and Math Disabilities) 
  • Translating neuropsychological knowledge to practical, effective, real-world strategies for education and daily living
  • Conceptual model of Strategic Learning Coaching
  • Exploration of strategies geared toward the needs of students with ADHD, NVLD, Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia and other learning disabilities
  • Learning to be a “Strategic Learning Coach”
  • Group and individual exercises in developing learning strategies,¬†“tweaking” to meet the particular needs and interests of students, fostering self-reflection and self-evaluation and mindful planning and organization
  • Use of computer technology and products to facilitate student strategy use