Dr. Lynda
About Dr. Lynda

Dr. Lynda is a neuropsychologist in private practice with over 30 years of experience in understanding the processes of how individuals learn and the strategies that are most effective in meeting their needs.

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Dr. Lynda
First Time Patients

Click below to learn about pricing, insurance, scheduling, as well as what to expect in a neuropsychological evaluation! This should answer any questions you may have regarding the professional services provided.

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ADHD & Dyslexia

Learn about the science behind ADHD and Dyslexia, and what it means for you and your child. Also learn about ways to cope with these conditions for a healthier and happier child.

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Appointments can be scheduled by calling the Fayetteville Office at 770-716-8325.  As Dr. Lynda will want to talk to you directly and she may be in session, you may need to leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

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Do You Suspect Your Child May Have ADD?

These are the facts you need to know.

Neuropsychological Evaluations

A neuropsychological evaluation is a specially designed assessment to investigate how a student is processing information with the goal of understanding processing strengths and challenges. It is a comprehensive study of the student/patient and includes as well understanding academic, emotional, social and personal functioning.  Through such a study a “blueprint” can be developed that will map out the specific strategies and techniques that can help the student be successful in school and life.


Strategic Learning Coaching

Strategic learning coaching – an innovative research-based method of building a student’s independent use of strategies for learning. Strategic learning coaching helps kids learn “how to learn” and provides the personal supports needed to maximize individual school performance.


What others are saying about Strategic Learning Coaching and embedding Strategic Learning Coaching in the classroom:

  • “My favorite part was getting practical information (strategies) that can actually be used!  This is a course that presents a new and better way to approach classroom teaching.”

    Jill Allen
    Fifth grade teacher, Westminster Elementary
  • “Very interesting and important information – valuable to teachers and parents as a way to foster/enhance/maximize teaching and learning.”

    Susan Owings
    Susan Owings, Teacher and Private SLC coach
  • “This course will not only help me as a coach with individual students, but as a teacher in the classroom. It will help me understand the reasons why my students learn the way they do.”

    Beth Pope
  • “Useful, applicable and necessary to be a master teacher! What I learned this week is so valuable and necessary for deepening my teaching.”

    Sara Chapman
    Fifth grade teacher, Westminster Elementary
  • “This course really connected the dots for me.  It helped me understand why certain lessons or strategies are more helpful to particular students.  As a result, my future planning will be much more prescriptive.  Also, I will employ better strategies to help students think about their own plan of action.”

    Diane Dalbo
    Fourth grade teacher, Westminster Elementary
  • “I learned a lot.  There was so much valuable material.  I am looking forward to taking some time to go back over everything on my own.”

    Anonymous Westminster Teacher
  • “The Strategic Learning Connections course left me feeling empowered to make specific changes in a student’s life.”

    Peggy Thomas
  • “Excellent content, very valuable, practical strategies.  I believe the verbage explanations were right on for the audience.  I’m very glad I took the course.  Thank you!”

    Ivy Carrol
    Fourth grade teacher, Westminster Elementary
  • “Eye opening, engaging, interesting, informative, futuristic and life-enhancing!”

    Rachel DelaCruz
  • “It’s all about making those CONNECTIONS…a fascinating and intriguing, ever evolving process which Dr. Lynda so cleverly understands and presents.”

    Jeanne Lucey
    Third grade teacher, Westminster Elementary
  • “Stimulating, exciting, thorough, very well thought out,organized and presented.”

    Helen Bookman
  • ” A wonderful, valuable course to learn more about how the brain works and specific special needs. A person will learn the strengths and weaknesses of special needs and we can better teach them and coach them to tap into those strengths and operate in daily life. These are lifelong skills for people with and without challenges.”

    Anonymous Course Participant